Discuss your damp concerns with me

Discuss your damp concerns with me.

If you've arrived at this page, you are probably concerned about some damp in a house and don't know what to do about it.

You may have had the damp looked at by various builders over the years who have tried all sorts of different remedies to no avail, or had the house damp proofed only for it to come back again. You might be trying to buy a house but the surveyor has said it has rising damp which must be investigated and treated as a condition of the mortgage.

The chances are, you've searched the internet for advice, and having read lots of articles you are now thoroughly confused by all the conflicting advice and opinions!

I expect all you really want, is to be able to call someone who is prepared to properly investigate the reasons for your damp and then tell you what has to be done to genuinely resolve the problems.

If this sounds like you, we need to get together…

First of all, we need to have a brief discussion about your damp concerns and the building. Our discussion won't be technical. I will simply ask you general questions about the damp, and anything you know about its history. I will also ask you for some general information about the house.

By the end of the discussion, I should have a good idea of whether you would really benefit from an in-depth damp survey. If I don't think a damp survey is your best option, I will either suggest some things you can do yourself or recommend you consult a different type of specialist.

To carry out a proper damp survey, takes up to a day (or several days on large/complex buildings) and requires the use of multiple specialist instruments, some of which are only built to order. Small wonder then that your builder/damp proofing operative, or surveyor, struggled to diagnose the problems correctly.

You can choose from 3 different damp survey packages:

  Damp plus Standard damp Basic damp
Interior checks carried out on: Entire house All areas affected by/vulnerable to damp Ground floor rooms and any areas affected by widespread mould
Exterior checks carried out on: Entire house Areas where interior rooms are affected/vulnerable to damp Ground floor walls only
Accessible roof spaces included Yes Only if there is evidence of possible leaks/damp No
Checks for damp in walls Yes Yes Yes
Checks for timber decay Yes Interior timber only No
Checks for decaying brick and stone Yes Main external walls only No
Checks for salt contaminated plaster Yes Yes Yes
Checks for missing/inadequate insulation Yes Only if mould is present Only if mould is present
Checks for inadequate or excessive ventilation Yes Only if mould is present Only if mould is present
Checks for roof problems (subject to visibility/access) Yes Only where there is evidence of leaks No
Checks for floor problems All floors Only floors in areas surveyed as above Ground floors only
Checks for incorrect ground levels Yes Yes Only for general damp/suspected rising damp
Checks for minor maintenance issues that could lead to future damp problems Yes No No
Checks for previous building work that is incompatible with the house Yes No No
Additional checks on the building possible by request Yes - £50 per item Yes - £50 per item No
Comprehensive printed report with prioritised advice Yes Yes Optional at £100
Electronic pdf copy of report with prioritised advice Yes Yes Yes
Back-up verbal advice included Available for 3 years Available for 2 years Available for 6 months
Time allowed for survey inspection Up to 5 days Up to 1 day Up to ½ day
Package price (excluding any additional options) £1360 + travel £800 + travel £500 + travel

My travel for all damp surveys is based on the shortest RAC recommended route from my office at Aylsham in North Norfolk to the survey location. To give you an idea of what this is likely to amount to, here are some approximate travel charges for various locations: Norwich £15, Lowestoft and King's Lynn £45, Colchester and Peterborough £90, Lincoln £110, Derby and London £145, Manchester £235, Cardiff £295, Edinburgh £440.

To start resolving your damp problems, give me a ring now, or if this isn't possible, email me.

Telephone David to discuss your damp: 01263-734815

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